Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My roommates just walked in the door. What a creativity buzz kill. I had the entire house to myself, and now I can hear voices drifting up the steps to my room where I am trying to think of witty things to say so that people will take interest.
I have a pretty terrible time concentrating when the world is being so noisy around me. For example, I start to make hideous faces when people in the library start to talk loudly on their cell phones. I don't even mean to. I would never actually say something, because that would mean confrontation. I am starting to form wrinkles in my forehead from it crinkling up so much. I don't think I furrow my brow more than anyone else, but I always notice other people's smooth foreheads. Also, my forehead is pretty giant. It's a five head. It's great, it works for lots of cool things. I can write the letter L very large on it. (to stand for Lyndsey) I can wear a sweatband without fear of it falling off easily while taking an especially intense run. If I have a zit, it's not easily noticeable because there is so much other surface area that is clean and clear and under control. All good things about my forehead. This first blog is not meant to talk about my forehead. I wanted to explain why I chose the name "busted brain case"
It's referring to the fact that I was dropped on my head as a small child. My mom was trying to give me a bath in the sink like some moms do when they have babies. I was slippery. I hit my head on the counter and I probably could have been the next Alberta Einstein had my mother just dried me off more effectively. On the other hand, I may have also been mentally scarred had my mom decided to name me Alberta.

that last paragraph was a lie.
I actually chose this name because I wanted to be able to express my thoughts and humor without a filter. without the fear of others judging me. without having to put a cap on it or tone it down for anyone. I want to see how people like me when I am just being me. I am always working hard to impress people. Everyone is. Maybe we would all be more impressive if we were all a little bit more ourselves. Sorry mr. brain case. You were getting a little tight and uncomfortable. I had to smash you with my t ball bat from 2nd grade. I hope I don't cut myself on the pieces.

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  1. Keep writing!!! I want to see more entries, woman!